Welcome to the Moody Blues Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List.

This FAQ was compiled by the members of the Lost Chords mailing list and others. Additional information and changes made as needed.

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1. About the FAQ

1.1 Acknowledgments

1.2 Change log

2. Internet-related information

2.1 The Lost Chords Mailing List

2.2 Hints on joining Lost Chords

2.3 Other Mailing Lists / News Groups / Bulletin Boards / Chat Sites

2.4 The Moody Blues on the Web

2.5 Album Listening Parties

2.6 Where to get the most recent version of this FAQ?

2.7 Commonly Used Acronyms

3. General information about The Moody Blues

3.1 A brief history of The Moody Blues

3.2 Albums released by The Moody Blues

3.3 Families of The Moody Blues

3.4 The Official Moody Blues Fan Club

3.5 One Step Records

3.6 Magazines/Newsletters about The Moody Blues

3.7 How to contact Higher & Higher magazine via e-mail

3.8 Threshold Records

3.9 Where can I find Moody Blues merchandise and hard-to-find albums?

4. Frequently Asked Questions About Moody Blues Albums

4.1 Are Ultradiscs really better than normal CDs?

4.2 Who are the guys in the photos in Sur La Mer?

4.3 What are the symbols by the songs on Keys of the Kingdom?

4.4 Where does the term "Lost Chord" come from?

4.5 How was the title to the Sur La Mer album chosen?

4.6 What's the story behind the alteration of covers for A Question of Balance?

4.7 Differences between cassette, CD and LP versions of albums

4.8 Why does the cover art on The Present look familiar?

4.9 What audio/video recordings have been released in dts 5.1?

5. Frequently Asked Questions About Moody Blues Songs

5.1 When is the lead singer NOT the author of the song?

5.2 Who is speaking the "spoken words" on the songs?

5.3 What differences are there in the versions of songs?

5.4 What songs and albums have had different working titles or nicknames?

5.5 Common or funny mistakes in commercially- or fan-published lyrics

5.6 In what other media (movies, TV shows, audio books, or commercials) do Moody songs appear?

5.7 Have the Moodies ever said their songs were written for their children/grandchildren?

5.8 What other artists have covered Moody Blues songs?

5.9 What is the story about the cat in "Nights in White Satin" and the dog in "Tuesday Afternoon?"

5.10 What is a Catherine Wheel?

5.11 What is the meaning behind the song, "House of Four Doors?"

5.12 Is that a guitar string breaking in "For My Lady?"

5.13 Was "Forever Autumn" written with Justin Hayward in mind?

5.14 What are the meanings of some of the references in the John Lodge solo song "Children of Rock 'n' Roll"?

5.15 What are the meanings behind some of the references in "Top Rank Suite?"

5.16 Why are some words in bold print in the liner note lyrics for "One Step Into the Light" on the Octave album?

5.17 Is that a recording flaw at the end of "Veteran Cosmic Rocker" on the Long Distance Voyager album?

5.18 What is the story behind the song "Breaking Point?"

5.19 What is the origin of the poem at the beginning of "Celtic Sonnant"?

5.20 Is that Morse Code at the beginning and end of "Nothing Changes?"

5.21 What is a helter-skelter?

6. Frequently Asked Questions About Instruments and Production

6.1 What is the Mellotron?

6.2 What is double-tracking?

6.3 What is the producer's function?

6.4 Who were Redwave/Knight?

7. Frequently Asked Questions About Moody Blues Concerts

7.1 When did the band start using backup singers?

7.2 What differences are there between songs sung live and on albums?

7.3 What is the dinosaur shuffle?

7.4 Where can concert information be found?

7.5 When did the Moodies play songs live before they were released on an album?

7.6 How do the Moody Blues feel about concert photography?

7.7 How do I get a backstage pass?

7.8 When did the Moodies first play casinos?

7.9 What concerts have the Moodies played, and what songs did they play?

8. Frequently Asked Questions About Moody Blues Videos

8.1 What commercially produced videotapes, laserdiscs and DVDs were made featuring the Moody Blues?

8.2 What Moody and solo songs were made into music videos and where can I find them?

8.3 Who is the actress in the "Your Wildest Dreams" and "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" videos?

8.4 Who is the guy carrying balloons in John Lodge's "Street Cafe" video?

9. Other Frequently Asked Questions

9.1 Where can I find information on fan gatherings?

9.2 What commercials did the Moodies do?

9.3 Copyright concerns

9.4 How did the band come up with its name?

9.5 What is the significance of the ring that Justin wears?

9.6 What guest appearances have the band members made on albums, television, concerts, music videos or print media?

9.7 What promotional or other appearances have the Moodies made recently?

9.8 What appearances has Mike Pinder made recently?

9.9 Who are the faces in the clouds and ocean on the "Strange Times" lithograph?