5.9 What is the story about the cat in "Nights in White Satin" and the dog in "Tuesday Afternoon"?

At the end of Days of Future Passed, just before the big crescendo after "Late Lament" that ends in the gong, there is a sound somewhat like glasses breaking, although it is not as loud and is much more musical. There are two versions the band tells about this sound. One is the studio cat knocked over a treebell and, the other is, the percussionist knocked it over. In either case, since it was near the end of the song, the band decided to leave it in.

Justin Hayward has often told that he wrote "Tuesday Afternoon" sitting in a field in Lydiard Park near his parent's home in Swindon with his dog, Tuesday. The musical third he uses for the word "Tuesday" even sounds like he's calling his dog.

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