2.4 The Moody Blues on the Web

The Moody Blues Resources webpages, currently curated by Anne Blake, have evolved from earlier versions curated by Bob Snyder and Donna Forosisky. If you have only one bookmark for Moody Blues on the Internet, make it the Resources page, because it is the best starting point. All of the references in the Index are hyper-linked, so that clicking on them will immediately take you on to the referenced site.

The URL for the Moody Blues Resources is: www.moodybluesresources.com

Examples of links on the Resources page are home pages produced by fans of the Moody Blues; sites for the band's lyrics and guitar chord tablatures; chat sites; commercial sites of Moody Blues memorabilia and collectibles; sites containing interviews and reviews; and sites containing photographs and sound clips, among other things.

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