5.18 What is the story behind the song "Breaking Point?"

Apparently the song was written for the movie "Breaking Point" (a thriller which stars among others Corbin Bernsen (LA Law) and Joanna Pacula (Gorky Park)). The movie is about a high-ranking American Intelligence officer in WWII. He has detailed information about the landing in Normandy and is caught by the Germans. When he doesn't break under torture, they decide to trick him into thinking that he's being treated in a mental hospital and that the war has been over for two years. They tell him he cannot face reality because of his experience with the German Gestapo and the news of his wife's death in a bombing raid during the end of the war. The nurse who is taking care of him is supposedly a survivor of the Auschwitz death camp and is the spitting image of his, supposedly, deceased wife. From there, the story curls within itself with flashbacks, memories and deja vus.

Supposedly Justin Hayward and John Lodge didn't like the movie and, therefore, pulled their song from it. Others who have seen the movie believe the Moodies' song would have fit perfectly, as it reflects the confusion and mental agony of the main character of the movie so well.

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