9.2 What commercials did the Moodies do?

For Moody songs used as incidental music in commercials, see Section 5.6.

This section does not include print ads featuring the band members.

In 1965 or 1966, Denny Laine sang the lead on a radio commercial for Coca-Cola. In 1967, Justin Hayward sang the lead on another Coca-Cola radio commercial that featured the Mellotron. Later, Justin Hayward and John Lodge recorded a third Coke commercial. Until recently, none of these commercials were available, except as copies that fans taped off the air. A collection of Coca-Cola commercials is now available on CD. Lyrics for the three commercials have been interpreted by members of Lost Chords as follows:

Moodies 1st Coke Commercial (lead vocals by Denny Laine)
[Announcer (with gusto): "The Moody Blues want to work it out!"]

It's a better world now I've got a girl
I can be sure of
Makes me want to do all the things I do
Right for my new love

If I think about how to work it out
I'm on the right track
So I think that I'll just sit here awhile
Drinking some Coke to relax

Things go better with Coca-Cola
Things go better with Coke
[Spoken by Laine] "You never get tired of the taste!"

It's working out fine--woe-oo-oh
Coke after Coke after Coke
Things go better with Coca-Cola
Coke after Coke after Coke

Copyright 1967, The Coca-Cola Company

Moodies 2nd Coke commercial lyrics (lead vocals by Justin Hayward)
[Mellotron and bass introduction, in a blues 4/4 mode]

Chasing the sun
A few weeks of fun
Away from the maddening crowd
We're so glad, too tired to pout
Peaceful and cool, sipping Coke by the pool
Use your imagination
Holiday time [trademark background vocals--"Aaah, aaah, aaah"]
Everything's fine ["Aaah, aaah, aaah"]

[Flute break--short]

Free as a bird
Traffic's unheard
Racing through white crystal sand
Or watching a butterfly land
Sipping on Coke while we tan on the floats
Use your imagination
(Holiday time)
Things go better with Coca-Cola
Things go better with Coke
(Holiday time)
Things go better with Coca-Cola
Things go better with Coke
(Holiday time)

[Announcer: "The Moody Blues--having a holiday, with Coke!"]

Copyright 1969, the Coca-Cola Company

Moodies 3rd Coke commercial lyrics (lead vocals by Justin Hayward and John Lodge)

I'll take you for a ride in my pleasure machine
Into my world of summer green
Lift you up to heights you've never seen
While enjoying a Coke or two
Ah, and I'll say sweet things to you

We'll go to where the music stops your mind
We'll dance together in our world, too
And while enjoying Coke I'll waste no time
Darling, I'll say sweet things to you

A sweet song goes better, oh, with Coca-Cola
Things go better with Coke
[Over the last two lines, the announcer says: "The Moody Blues -- saying sweet things over Coke!"]

Copyright 1969, The Coca-Cola Company

In 1993, the band participated in an "infomercial" for High Definition Audio (HDA) sound processor for the home or car. The 30-minute program included testimonials from the band and 1991(?) concert footage. Songs performed in the "infomercial" were: "I Know You're Out There Somewhere," "Lean On Me (Tonight)," "Say It With Love" (which Justin introduced as a new song) and a portion of "Question." A toll free number was also given for ordering and information.

All the members provided testimonials for the product:

Justin: "HDA gives you live presence and vitality to music, and the feel you're in the room with the instruments...something that stereo and quad never gave you," and "that breakthroughs like this are usually only available in the studio because of cost but it's now available in the home;"

John: "I couldn't believe the difference in sound...the sound wrapped around me;"

Ray: "It takes you there, more live, especially with orchestral sounds; like being part of the orchestra." It also must have been easy for him to use because Ray said: "one in, one out and there you go...one light to tell you it's on, one knob to turn on and one fader;"

Graeme: it gives "a quadraphonic feel to the music but it stays within your peripheral vision." He goes on to say that "we never really endorsed anything before and (we) were a bit nervous about getting involved," "that advertising is B.S.," but "this actually works."

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