9.6 What guest appearances have the band members made on albums, television, concerts, music videos or print media?

First, some notes about what they have not done:

A different John Lodge played bass on David Bowie's "Space Oddity" and worked with Andrew Tosh on Original Man.

The Ray Thomas that did several Cajun/Zydeco albums and worked with Sleepy John Estes on Complete Works, Vols. 1 & 2 is not a Moody Blue.

The Blue Jays that recorded the album Nascense were not John Lodge and Justin Hayward.

Note: this section doesn't include the works of Moody members in other bands, nor is this section meant to be a "complete" videography or discography. For an excellent videography and discography, please consult back issues of Higher & Higher magazine.

Guest Appearances on Commercial Recordings:

"I Can Remember" (single - 1969) / Billie Davis - Justin Hayward, John Lodge, Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder sing backing vocals.

"Send Me No More Letters"/"Another Day" (single - 1969) / Trapeze - John Lodge produced.

"And Now She Says She's Young" (single - 1970) / Timon - Justin Hayward produced, plays guitar and, reportedly, sings backup.

""A Simple Game" and "So Deep Within You" (singles - 1971, 1973) / The Four Tops -Accounts differ on who participated, but agree that some members of the Moody Blues sing backup and play instruments on these covers of Pinder-penned songs. Some sources credit "the singing Moodies" (Mike Pinder, John Lodge, Justin Hayward and Ray Thomas, or just Pinder and Hayward) while other sources (e.g. the copyright) list Pinder, Lodge and Graeme Edge as participating. Tony Clarke produced. The single "A Simple Game" was released both in the US and the UK (with different B-sides), but "So Deep Within You" was only released in the UK. Both are now available on the Four Tops Box set, Fourever as well as on the 2-disc collection The Four Tops - Singles +. In a radio interview Justin mentioned that at those recording sessions, the Four Tops also recorded some songs Justin had written under the pseudonym of Guirron (his wife Marie's maiden name), in order to keep the publishing rights with Motown. On the UK release of "Simple Game" the B-side is called "You Stole My Love", which is credited to "Clarke/Gurron" - probably Tony Clarke and a mis-spelling of "Guirron". It is not known if any of the Moodies participated in the recording of this song, although some fans believe they hear mellotron on this track. This song is available on the Four Tops Box set, Fourever.

Trapeze (album - 1970) / Trapeze - John Lodge produced.

Medusa (album - 1970) / Trapeze - John Lodge produced.

Imagine (album - 1971) / John Lennon - Michael Pinder had been asked to play mellotron but when the recording session took place the 'tron wouldn't work. So Mike picked up a tambourine instead and played on "I Don't Want to be a Soldier Momma," the last track on the album. Mike is also pictured on the original album insert sheet.

"Your Love's Alright" (single, B-side to "Coast to Coast" - 1971) / Trapeze - John Lodge produced.

"Black Cloud"/"Your Love's Alright" (single - 1971) / Trapeze - John Lodge produced.

In the Realm of Asgard (album - 1972) / Asgard - Mike Pinder engineered the track "Children of a Newborn Age," which was also released as a single.

Wave of Great Change (album - 197?) / Stephen Freelight - Mike Pinder produced and provided keyboards and sitar.

Flash Fearless vs. The Zorg Women, Parts 5 & 6 (album - 1975) / various artists including Alice Cooper, John Entwistle and Keith Moon - In this spoof of old radio-serials, Justin Hayward plays guitar on "Country Cooking" (sung by Jim Dandy) and plays acoustic guitar on the "Space Pirates" (sung by Alice Cooper).

Thunderthroat (album - 1976) / Nicky James - Ray Thomas plays bass flute on "Maggie" and flutes on "Troubador." Justin Hayward plays guitars on "Bottle Of Cheap Red Wine."

War Of The Worlds (album - 1978) /Jeff Wayne, producer, and various artists, including Richard Burton doing the narration - Justin Hayward sings lead vocals on "The Eve of the War" and "Forever Autumn." On November 25, 1978 the Dutch Ministry of Affairs boradcast a Dutch-language version from Amsterdam featuring Jan van Veen, Patricia Paay, Peter Koelwijn and William "Big Mouth" Duin. Two re-releases were done in 1981, one with Anthony Quinn doing the narration in Spanish, and one with Kurt Jurgens doing the narration in German. In all cases only the narration was different. (That is, the original English song lyrics and music were used.) The English version was re-released in 1995 with some re-mixed tracks (see Section 5.3), and in SACD 5.1 format in 2005 to coincide with the release of the Speilberg movie of the same name. A "Collector's Edition" was also released in 2005 and included many previously un-released tracks, including the John Lodge version of "Thunderchild".

The Eye of Wendor Prophecies (album - 1978, CD re-released - 2004) / Mandalaband - Justin Hayward sings lead and backing vocals on "Dawn of a New Day." The CD re-release is remastered from the original master tapes and features an alternate mix of "Dawn of a New Day".

"Unexpected Song" (single - 1981) / Justin Hayward and Marti Webb sing a duet of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/D. Black song. The B-side, "Angry and Sore" is Marti solo.

Eyes of a Woman (album - 1985) / Agnetha Faltskog - Justin Hayward authored "The Angels Cry" and provides all guitar work. Justin heard from friend Eric Stewart (formerly of 10cc), who was producing a solo album for ABBA member Agnetha and that she wanted to do a song by "the guy who wrote 'Nights in White Satin.'" Since a deal to provide an up-tempo song for Tracey Ulmann had just fallen through, Hayward halved the song's tempo and offered up "The Angels Cry."

Somewhere In England (album - 198?) / The Moody Blues and Denny Laine appear on this George Harrison album, originally released in 1981. The deluxe release features a 1986 appearance by the Moodies.

"Falling for Nightlife" (song - 1987) / Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera - Justin Hayward sings backup on this song, which first appeared on the album Crack the Whip and also on the compilation albums Manzanera MacKay (2001) and Complete Explorers (2002).

Nana (album - 1988) / Nana Mouskouri - Justin Hayward performs lead guitar and backing vocals on "Nights In White Satin" and backing vocals on "Morning Angel."

Annie Haslam (album - 1989) / Annie Haslam - Justin Hayward wrote "The Angels Cry" and also plays lead guitar and sings backing vocals.

Instincts (album - 1989) / Sally Oldfield - Justin Hayward and Sally sing a duet on "Let It Begin," which was also released as a single in Germany.

Rock Art Video Series (1989) Two "fractal art" videos were produced with Moody music as background, but are now out of print.

Poetry In Motion (album - 1990) / various artists - Justin Hayward sings lead vocals on "Tregardock" on this tribute to British poet Sir John Betjeman. Betjeman's poetry was set to music written by Mike Read, who was a DJ on BBC Radio One. The CD has been re-released in Europe. Poetry in Motion is also being included as a bonus CD with initial releases in 2003 of the CD, Songs, which is further work by Mike Read setting Sir John Betjeman's poetry to music.

Frankfurt Rock Orchestra: Classic Moody Blues Hits (album - 1994) / Justin Hayward and friends (released under many titles, see Section 3.2). Justin sings different (from the original) versions of "Forever Autumn," "Running Water," "Blue World," "Blue Guitar," "Voices in the Sky" and "In My World."

Soccer Rocks the Globe (album - 1994) / various artists - The Moody Blues perform "This Is the Moment," which was written for the Broadway production of "Jeckyll & Hyde." The Moodies did not play any instruments in their cover version; they only supplied the vocals. The song also appears (sans Moodies) on the Broadway soundtrack and Highlights CD.

The Doomsday Clock (album - 1997) / various artists - Graeme Edge participates on percussion on this CD which tells the story about Einstein, his theories and work. In the long run, he created the possibility for the world to destroy itself (Einstein "says" often "If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker"). Other guest appearances include Clive Bunker and Mick Abrahams (both of Jethro Tull), Rod Argent (Zombies, Argent) and Moodies backing vocalist Tracy Graham.

Tre Uomini E Una Gamba [Three Men and a Leg](movie soundtrack - 1997) / various artists - Justin Hayward sings "Skimming Stones" on the Italian soundtrack produced by Phil Palmer, who also produced Hayward's 1996 solo release The View From The Hill. Marco Forni and Phil Palmer co-wrote the song (Skimming Stones)"with Justin in mind."

Beyond Life with Timothy Leary (album - 1998) / Timothy Leary and various artists - The Moodies do a re-recorded version of "Legend of a Mind" substituting "Timothy Leary lives" for "Timothy Leary's dead." There is also a companion video of the same title (see Section 8.1

Return to the Centre of the Earth (album - 1999) / Rick Wakeman and various artists - Justin Hayward sings "Still Waters Run Deep" on this sequel album to Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Other guest appearances include Patrick Stewart (narrator), Ozzy Osbourne, Trevor Rabin and Bonnie Tyler. This album is available commercially.

Philharmania (album - 1999) / various artists with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Justin Hayward re-records "Nights In White Satin" with a "Spanish feel" for this album produced and arranged by Mike Batt, who also produced and did the orchestral arrangements for Justin Hayward's solo album, Classic Blue. According to Batt, Justin suggested that Batt treat the arrangement as a big Spanish "Don Quixote" style film score. Other artists include Kim Wilde, Status Quo, Midge Ure and Roger Daltry. The CD is currently only available in Europe.

All You Need Is Covers - The Songs of The Beatles (album - 1999) / various artists cover Beatles songs. Justin Hayward sings "Blackbird," which originally appeared on his album, Classic Blue. Other artists include Todd Rundgren and Petula Clark.

The Fairfield Parlour Years (album - 2000) / Kaleidescope/Fairfield Parlour - Digitally remastered 2 CD compilation with the '70 album From Home To Home, recorded by Kaleidescope's later incarnation Farfield Parlour plus the concept album White Faced Lady. Features Elton John, Graeme Edge and some tracks previously unreleased on CD. Bonus tracks include "Just Another Day" with Ray Thomas, Graeme Edge and Elton John.

Sometimes I Dream (album 2002) / Mario Frangoulis - Greek operatic tenor Mario Frangoulis covers "Nights in White Satin" ("Notte Di Lucce") in Italian with a bit at the end in English as a duet with Justin Hayward. Frangoulis also covers "Skimming Stones" in Italian, which Hayward sang (in English) on the movie soundtrack Tre Uomini E Una Gamba (Three Men and a Leg).

Guest Appearances (Visual) :

Beach Boys (concert taped for Showtime - July 4, 1984 in Washington, DC) / Justin Hayward and John Lodge sang with the Beach Boys on "Good Vibrations" and "Help Me, Rhonda." Also participating in the concert were Ringo Starr, Julio Iglesias, LaToya Jackson, America, Three Dog Night and the O'Jays

"30th Anniversary of Rock n' Roll - All-Star Jam" (concert - 1985) - A celebrity concert featuring Bo Diddly and John Lodge. It was released commercially on videotape and laserdisc (see Section 8.1).

"Rage to Love" (music video - 1985) - Justin Hayward has a non-singing cameo appearance in this video by Kim Wilde, daughter of Marty Wilde. Marty Wilde, his wife and Justin formed "The Wilde Three" before Justin joined the Moodies.

"The Hunting of the Snark" (televised live performance - 1987) / Mike Batt conducts a musical version of the Lewis Carroll short story/poem (a full text of the poem can be found by searching the title or author at the Project Gutenberg web site www.gutenberg.net). Justin Hayward plays The Butcher, and sings lead on "As Long As the Moon Can Shine."

"The Killer" (concert and video - 1989) - Jerry Lee Lewis at London's Hammersmith Odeon with celebrity band, including John Lodge.

Opening Ceremony of the Goodwill Games in Seattle (televised - July 21, 1990) - The Moody Blues were among several artists to honor the athletes.

"World Bowl" World League of American Football (Wembley Stadium, London - June 1991). The Moody Blues sang the National Anthem.

"Court TV" (US television - January 1993) - A dispute between keyboardist Patrick Moraz and the Moody Blues was televised, in which all the bandmembers, (then) band manager Tom Huellet and Patrick Moraz gave testimony. Although the finding was in Moraz's favor, he was awarded only a small fraction of what he had sued for, and afterward no longer worked for the Moodies.

"Music City Tonight" (The Nashville Network - April 19, 1995) - Justin Hayward appeared on this country-music talk show hosted by Charlie Chase. Justin was in Nashville, Tennessee as part of the "Tin Pan South" songwriters concert held at the Grand Ole Opry on April 17, where he performed "Tuesday Afternoon," "Your Wildest Dreams," "Question" and "Nights in White Satin." Chase interviewed Justin about songwriting, where Justin lived, the band's 5-year hiatus and "Nights in White Satin." Justin also performed a medley on the show, which consisted of "Voices in the Sky" and "Tuesday Afternoon."

"This Is Your Life" (UK television - March 10, 1997) - Justin was surprised by his wife, Marie, and the host of the show during an acoustic performance supporting The View From the Hill. The 30-minute segment included stories from bandmates John Lodge, Ray Thomas and Graeme Edge; daughter Doremi; family members and numerous music colleagues.

"Nancy" (comic strip) In the May 3, 1998 strip artist Guy Gilchrist's characters Nancy and Aunt Fritzi attend a Moody Blues concert. The Moodies areband is pictured in the final frame of the strip. In the January 27, 2002 strip Aunt Fritzi is shown rummaging through boxes of old albums and reminiscing on the size of them. She holds in her hands, "In Search of the Lost Chord". A few panels later she comments on the different styles of artwork on the covers, "...the Cosmic Art of 'the Moody Blues',..."

VH-1's "Hard Rock Live" (US television - July 1998) / A 30-minute segment was devoted to the band's performance in front of a live, studio audience. Songs televised: "I'm Just A Singer (in a Rock and Roll Band)," "Nights in White Satin," "Question" and "Ride My See-Saw." "Legend of a Mind" and "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" were also recorded live but not aired as part of the show. "The Moodies' backing band at that time was also part of the taping.

"The Simpsons" (television ["Viva Ned Flanders"] - Jan. 10, 1999) / The band makes a cartoon appearance as themselves. They provided their voices for the episode where Homer helps his straight-arrow neighbor Ned Flanders loosen up with a trip to Las Vegas. The episode was later nominated for a 1999 Emmy but lost to another Fox animated series, "King of the Hill."

"A&E's Top 10:" Dream Jobs (Arts & Entertainment Channel - Oct. 17, 1999) / The band represents the "rock star" category at #6 for the Top 10 Dream Jobs on this new series from A&E. All the band members are interviewed and concert footage is shown.

"Ripleys "Believe It or Not!" (comic strip - April 21, 2002) / The text of the strip, "In 1966 Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues wrote the song "Nights in White Satin" in 4 minutes! Four decades later the band continues to perform the song to four generations of dedicated fans around the world!" is accompanied by a drawing of Hayward playing the red Gibson guitar.

"The Early Show" (US (CBS) television - aired August 13, 2001) / This segment was taped live outside the CBS studios in New York City at the intersection of 59th Street and 5th Avenue on August 2, 2001, with enthusiastic support from fans and passersby. Host Bryant Gumble interviewed all four bandmembers and they performed shortened versions of "I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock 'n' Roll Band)," "Your Wildest Dreams," "Nights in White Satin" and "Question", although the performance of "Nights in White Satin" was cut from the show when it was aired.

Sometimes I Dream (DVD 2002) / Greek operatic tenor Mario Frangoulis performs songs from his album of the same title at the Theatre Of The Earth in Thessaloniki, Greece. His performance of "Nights in White Satin" ("Notte Di Lucce") in Italian ends with a guest appearance and duet (in English) with Justin Hayward. This concert was also shown on many PBS stations. According to sharp-eyed viewers, Gordon Marshall also can be seen playing drums during "Night Wants to Forget". Hayward and Frangoulis actually performed more songs together than appear on the DVD, as explained by the September 2002 note from Hayward on justinhayward.com, "The only song left in, that we did together though, after the editor had finished with the scissors, is Nights. It sounds great, but I was a little disappointed that they edited in the rehearsal version we did. I know that because on the night I was wearing a suit for the song, and there I was in a white shirt."

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "Legends" series (June 21, 2002) / Justin Hayward sang and was interviewed on June 21, 2002 at the Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH, following the "Shamans and Chefs" benefit (see "Guest Appearances for Charity" below) on the previous evening. Hayward played acoustically and answered questions from an interviewer and the audience. For a set list see www.toadmail.com/~notten/01_Sp02UK.htm

"This is Your Life" (TV, November, 2002) - John Lodge and daughter Emily were guests on the show honoring Babs Powell.

"My Music: The 60s Experience" (a TV special shown on many PBS stations in the US - aired February 2005) / The Moody Blues are represented by vintage video clips showcasing "Go Now" and "Nights in White Satin".

Guest Appearances on Charity Recordings:

"Doctor in Distress" (single - 1985) / Who Cares (another name for "various artists") - Justin Hayward and John Lodge participated in this charity single for Cancer Relief which also was part of the effort to stave off cancellation of the TV show "Dr. Who."

"I Am Your Child" (single - 1986) / various artists - Justin Hayward provided lead and back-up vocals in this Canadian production to benefit Variety Clubs International.

"Sailing" (single and music video - 1990) / Rock Against Repatriation (another name for "various artists") - Justin Hayward participated in this project to protest the repatriation of Vietnamese Refugees.

"Everybody's Got a Crisis in Their Life" (single - 1990) / various artists - Justin Hayward participated in this project to benefit Leukemia Research.

"What Child Is This?" (1992) / - The Moody Blues perform this song which appears on numerous holiday collections. The first CD released was A Gift of Life, Vol. 4. The song also appears on: A Rock 'N' Roll Christmas, Holiday Collection, Vol. II, Christmas Classics, Celebrate the Season, A Miracle Holiday For Kids and A Christmas Miracle. The CDs all come with different artwork and a number of them benefit children's health charities.

Acoustic Aid (album of live concert in 1993 at Sticky Fingers, London) / various artists - Justin Hayward contributed an acoustic version of "Tuesday Afternoon" to this CD on behalf of the San Francisco Aids Foundation and dedicated to Freddie Mercury.

Time Slipping By (album - 1994) / Mark Williamson - Justin Hayward and various artists participated as part of the London Choir on the single "Prayer for the Children" for CHILDHELP USA and its world affiliates.

Gaia (album - March 2003) / Alan Simon - Justin Hayward and various artists performed a concert (see "Guest Appearances for Charity" below) and recorded this album for the benefit for the "Gaia" project. (For more information, see the Gaia website at www.ysevent.com/english/index2.html ) Justin Hayward sings the track "On the Road".

Guest Appearances for Charity:

"Live Aid" (concert - July 13, 1985 at Wembley Stadium, London) / various artists - Justin Hayward and John Lodge perform during the finale.

"Heartbeat" (concert, March 15, 1986 at National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham) in aid of the Children's Hospital in Birmingham. The Moodies shared the bill with the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), Robert Plant, Denny Laine and Roy Wood. For the finale, George Harrison played, backed by the Moodies and ELO.

World Wildlife fund-raising concert (Oct. 13, 1988) / Justin Hayward performed.

"Stars Organization for Spastics" (concert, December 5, 1986, Wembley Arena, London)

"A Tribute to John Lennon" (televised concert - May 5, 1990 in Liverpool, England) / Justin Hayward and John Lodge performed their favorite John Lennon song, "Across the Universe," in a tribute concert along with various artists. They also reportedly participated in the group finale of "Give Peace a Chance", but it was apparently not televised.

"Prince's Trust Rock Gala" (concert - July 18, 1990 at Wembley Arena, London) / Justin Hayward and John Lodge performed.

"The Red Balloon Ball" (concert - Dec. 6, 1990 at Alexander Palace, London) / John Lodge and Justin Hayward performed at this benefit for the British Lung Foundation.

"Save The Children" (concert - June 4, 1991 at The Barbican Centre in London) / various artists - Justin Hayward and Mike Batt performed "Starry, Starry Night."

"The Moody Blue Bop" (concert - October 12, 1991; Swindon, England) / Justin Hayward, accompanied by Paul Bliss and Mandrake performed a charity concert to benefit the Gerry Drewett Fund for Leukemia, which in turn set up a room for leukemia patients at Swindon's Princess Margaret Hospital. Lesley Drewett, Gerry's wife, had been at school with Justin when they were young. The concert was videotaped and copies were briefly available from the Official Fan Club. The set list for the show was "Tuesday Afternoon", "Bless The Wings (That Bring You Back)", "Who Are You Now", "Your Wildest Dreams", "Question", "Forever Autumn", "The Story in Your Eyes", "Nights in White Satin", "Peggy Sue", "Johnny B. Goode", "It's So Easy", "That'll BeThe Day", "I Saw Her Standing There", "Be-Bop-A-Lula", "Rave On", and then. since it was the night before Justin's birthday, the audience chimed in on a chorus of "Happy Birthday" to Justin.

Music for "UNICEF" (concert - July 14, 1996 at the Big Top, at Kings Dock - Liverpool, England) - Justin Hayward performed "Question," "Raised on Love" and "Nights in White Satin." A 300-member children's choir and the Mersey Police Band accompanied him on each song. Hayward also joined in vocally on "All You Need Is Love."

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) (ball/concert - Oct. 2, 1998 in Swindon) - Justin Hayward, accompanied by Paul Bliss, performed "Your Wildest Dreams," "Blue Guitar," "Forever Autumn," "Broken Dreams," "Something to Believe In," "Tuesday Afternoon," "Nights in White Satin" and "Question."

"Shamans & Chefs" (dinner concert - June 20, 2002) Justin Hayward performed at a benefit for the Amazon Conservation Team at the Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. For a set list see www.toadmail.com/~notten/01_Sp02UK.htm

"Gaia" (concert - January 20, 2003) Justin Hayward performed at a benefit for the "Gaia" project at MIDEM, Cannes, France. (For more information, see the Gaia website at www.ysevent.com/english/index2.html An album was released in March 2003 (see "Guest Appearances on Charity Recordings" above) and a DVD (see Section 8.1) showing part of the event along with artist interviews was released with the CD in Switzerland. More concerts are planned worldwide (see "Art on Ice" below).

John Lodge Charity Golf Tournament (January 31, 2003) John Lodge performed "Emily's Song" and "Isn't Life Strange" with the help of the "Children of Barbados". This evening event wrapped up the charity golf tournament held at the Sandy Lane course in Barbados. The John Lodge Charity benefits the Barbados Children's Cancer Society, Special Needs for Children of the Caribbean, and in the future, children with AIDS.

Fire victim benefit (September 13, 2003) Justin Hayward headlined this benefit held in Cogolin, France, near Saint Tropez. The summer of 2003 brought many fires to the region, killing three firemen, and several tourists. Hayward performed acoustic versions of "Nights in White Satin" and "Forever Autumn" and joined with the local bands who also appeared in the sing-a-long finale of "All You Need is Love".

"Art on Ice" (January 22-25, 2004 in Zurich Switzerland, aired January 31, 2004 on Swiss TV) Billed as "The world's best music stars, the world's best skating stars and a fascinating light show." (See www.artonice.ch/eng-index2-n.htm) Justin Hayward performed "Nights in White Satin" with Sarah Meier, a Swiss skater interpreting, and "On the Road" (from the Gaia album, see "Guest Appearances on Charity Recordings" above).

Benefit to complete the Rose of Kingston Theatre (December 12, 2004) The Moodies appeared with Kingston resident and friend Jimmy Tarbuck and other artists.

"An Audience with Justin Hayward" (October 1, 2005 at The Apartment, Havelock Square, Swindon) The proceeds of this show went to "BBC In Aid of Children in Need." Justin Hayward performed acoustically and answered questions from the interviewer and audience. The show was broadcast live on BBC Radio Swindon and Radio Wiltshire.

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