2.1 The Lost Chords Mailing List

Lost Chords is a mailing list run through Connactivity with the Mailman software.

To subscribe, unsubscribe, change your options or find a post in the archives go to


To subscribe - fill out the online form on this page. Remember to save your password because you will need it later to change your options or unsubscribe.

To unsubscribe - scroll down to the bottom of the main page and enter your e-mail address (the one you're subscribed from) next to the button "unsubscribe or edit options" then click that button. This will take you to a page where you can click the "unsubscribe" button.

Messages from Lost Chords can be received either in real-time or in digest form. On the real-time list, as each post is sent to Lost Chords, it is immediately re-sent to all those receiving the list in that form. It is also spooled into a special directory, bundled, and sent out periodically (usually daily) to those subscribing to the "digest version." The digest is not a condensed version of the Lost Chords posts -- it includes every message that has been posted to Lost Chords since the prior digest, in the same order in which they were initially received. The digest option is highly recommended for anyone who can use it, as it greatly reduces the load this list puts on the mail servers. Every post to Lost Chords that is sent out to real time subscribers must be rebroadcast separately to all real time subscribers. In the digest format, the posts are bundled and all of them sent out to each digest subscriber just once. This drastically reduces the load on the server, without reducing the opportunity of every digest subscriber to view each and every post to Lost Chords. Note that those receiving Lost Chords in the digest version can still post messages to the list. Lost Chords has members from several countries, with ages from 16 to 50+. Currently, there are 600-700 addressees subscribed to the Lost Chords Mailing List.

To change your options (for instance from real-time to digest version of the list or vice versa) scroll down to the bottom of the main page and enter your e-mail address (the one you're subscribed from) next to the button "unsubscribe or edit options" then click that button. You will be taken to a page where you enter the password you were given when you subscribed above a box which says "log in", then click that button. (If you've lost or forgotten your password, scroll down and click the box "Remind" and your password will be e-mailed to you.) From this page you can change the address at which you receive Lost Chords, change your password, or change your other options. To change from real-time to digest or vice versa, scroll down to the gray box which says "Set Digest Mode". "On" means you will receive posts in digest form. "Off" means you will receive posts in real-time. Don't forget to click the "Submit my changes" box at the bottom of the page for any option changes to take effect.

To post a message to Lost Chords, send your message via e-mail to: lost-chords@mailman.connactivity.com.

DO NOT send subscribe or unsubscribe messages to this address. They will not be effective in subscribing or unsubscribing you from the list (instead, your message will be routed to every member on the list and this can be embarrassing).

Only subscribers can post to the list. Mailman uses the "from" line of your e-mail to determine if you are a member of the list and, therefore, if your post will be allowed or not. Remember to post from the same address/screen-name/alias that you subscribed.

Lost Chords began in October 1992. The list is maintained by Rich Carreiro, who can be contacted at: lost-chords-owner@mailman.connactivity.com (if you would like a personal response to a question, for example). Rich personally approves all subscription requests to Lost Chords, but it's still necessary to subscribe by using the method described above, and not to Rich personally.

The archives of Lost Chords from October 1992 to April 2003 (when Lost Chords was hosted from MIT and Shore Net) are currently unavailable.

Archives of Lost Chords since the transition to Mailman (April 5, 2003) can be obtained by going to


entering your e-mail address (the one you're subscribed from), entering the password you were given when you subscribed, and clicking "Let me in...". (If you've lost or forgotten your password, see the instructions above under "To change your options" to have it e-mailed to you.)

Lost Chords formerly ran through a server at MIT or Shore Net. If, at any time, you are surfing the internet and you see Lost Chords described as being located at MIT or Shore Net, rather than at Connactivity, it would be appreciated if you would either alert those responsible for the site you are viewing of the change, or alert Rich Carreiro via e-mail (lost-chords-owner@mailman.connactivity.com) of the error so that the correct information can be given to the site in question. Thanks!

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