3.7 How to contact Higher & Higher magazine via e-mail

The following information concerning Higher & Higher -- The Moody Blues Magazine (tm) has been submitted by Randy Salas, one of its editors:

Higher & Higher (the independent magazine for fans of the Moody Blues) is reachable via e-mail. The address is HHEmailataol.com - remember to substitute @ for "at" in the e-mail address. Here's what you can send to this address:

(1) *Letters to the editor*: Please put LETTER in the subject field. Keep in mind that our normal letters to the editor policy applies. All submissions must include your name and address. Anything sent with LETTER in the subject field is fair game for being printed in H&H.

(2) Back issue/current issue info requests: Please put ISSUE INFO in the subject field. Send any questions about past or current issues. Want to know the features in H&H #2? How much it costs? Just ask.

(3) General questions: Please put QUESTION in the subject field. Here you can ask just about anything H&H-related and get your account questions answered. Want to know if you're paid up for the next issue? Want general info about what H&H is? Just ask.

(4) General comments: Please put COMMENT in the subject field. We'd be happy to hear how you think we're doing. Got a gripe or compliment (assuming you don't want it published -- see LETTERS above)? We'd love to hear it.

(5) Articles: Please put ARTICLE in the subject field. Only assigned articles should be sent. Unsolicited articles are appreciated but please understand that we receive many submissions and can't publish everything we get. If you have an article idea, you should offer it as a QUESTION ("Can I write an article about Justin's toe nails?") or as a COMMENT ("It sure would be great to see an article about Justin's toe nails").

(6) Orders: Please put ORDER in the subject field when sending credit card orders for subscriptions, back issues or other products via e-mail. Be sure to include your name, address, credit card number, type of card, issuing bank and expiration date.

NOTE: Please do NOT send tour information requests to HHEmail@aol.com. The volume of requests would make answering them unfeasible. To get tour information, visit the web site at www.moodies-magazine.com/

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