5.2 Who is speaking the "spoken words" on the songs?

Spoken parts in songs on the albums (note that Graeme usually recites his own poetry in concerts, although Mike recites "The Dream" on Caught Live +5):

"The Day Begins"
"Late Lament" (on Days of Future Passed and Prelude albums)
"The Word"
"In the Beginning" ("Inner Man")
"The Dream"
"Higher and Higher" (with a box over his head, to get that "inside the helmet" sound, as reported in Higher & Higher magazine)
"The Balance"

"Late Lament" (A Night at Red Rocks)
"Departure" (love that maniacal laugh)
"In the Beginning" (the voice of the computer)
"Don't You Feel Small" (whispering)
"22,000 Days" (says "And get it right!")
"Nothing Changes"

"In the Beginning" ("First Man")
"Say What You Mean"

"Dear Diary"
"I Am"
"Reflective Smile" - although Dave Symonds (see below) spoke this poem on Long Distance Voyager, Ray recited it in concert.
the bit just before "Veteran Cosmic Rocker" - Ray is apparently saying "Another Scotch and Coke please, Mother" ("Mother" being the name of his roadie).
"Yeah" after the tap dance in "Is This Heaven" - also the whistling
"Celtic Sonant" (the spoken part at the beginning)
"English Sunset" ("More tea, Vicar")

"Talking Out of Turn" ("Fade away")
"English Sunset" (shouts "England!")

Dave Symonds (a noted British DJ and friend of the Moodies):
"Reflective Smile" on Long Distance Voyager

Doug Lock (guitar technician):
"Under My Feet - (says "Quite so fast" and "On your feet no more" in what Producer Pip Williams called a "little yellow submarine" voice)

Tony Visconti (producer):
"Is This Heaven" (shouts "I love this world")

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