5.15 What are the meanings of some of the references in "Top Rank Suite?"

There is a series of music halls in England called "Top Rank Suite", which, along with "Avenue Tombola" and "Social" may refer to certain kinds of gigs where musicians were expected to "pay their dues" on their way up the professional ladder. (A "tombola" is actually a form of raffle held at church and other social gatherings.) Also, "Tombola" happens to be the supper club from which the Moodies (Mike Pinder, actually) purchased their first Mellotron.

"They played a good game of football in Mucron" might refer to the time when the Moodies were absolutely broke, but had made their decision to write and play their own music, going to Belgium in order to get gigs that paid decently. Mucron, also spelled "Mouscron," is located in northwestern Belgium on the French border, fairly close to Lille, France. As noted in Section 3.3, all the Moodies were football (soccer) players, so perhaps a game with the locals was good cheap entertainment.

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