5.1 When is the lead singer NOT the author of the song?

Note that prior to Strange Times (where Graeme spoke his own poetry on "Nothing Changes") one of the few times you really hear his voice is in "Departure" (where he laughs hysterically at the end), just before "Ride My Seesaw."

"Dawn is a Feeling" - Mike wrote, Justin lead on verses, Mike lead on bridge.

"Om" - Mike wrote, all sing chorus, Mike and Ray alternate lines on verses:
    The rain is on the roof,         - Mike
    Hurry high, a butterfly.         - Ray
    As clouds roll past my head,  - Mike
    I know why the skies all cry,  - Ray

"Gimme a Little Somethin' "- John wrote, Justin lead on verses, John lead on chorus.

"To Share Our Love" - John wrote, Mike lead.

"Candle of Life" - John wrote, Justin lead on verses, John lead on chorus.

"Isn't Life Strange?" - John wrote, John lead for first part of each verse, Justin lead on last part of each verse:
    Isn't life strange             - John
    A turn of the page
    Can read like before
    Can we ask for more?
    Each day passes by        - Justin
    How hard will man try?
    The sea will not wait

"Don't You Feel Small" - Graeme wrote; Mike, Ray, Justin and John sing, Graeme whispers.

"After You Came" - Graeme wrote; Mike, Ray, Justin and John sing chorus:
    "I've been doing my best"            - Ray
    "What else can I do?"                  - Mike
    "Is there something I've missed"   - Justin
    "That will help me through"        - John

"22,000 Days" - Graeme wrote; Justin, Ray and John sing all verses and chorus in unison. John is mixed toward the front on the verses, Ray on the chorus -- but they're all singing.

"Going Nowhere" - Graeme wrote, Ray sings lead, with Justin and John coming to the forefront in the chorus.

"The Spirit" - Graeme and Patrick co-wrote; John, Justin and Ray sing.

"Sooner or Later" - Justin and John wrote. John, Ray, and Justin each sing a line of the verses and all sing choruses. For instance:
    "Walk on the water"               - John
    "Swim with the life tide"        - Ray
    "Clear away the storm clouds" - Justin

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