2.5 Album Listening Parties

There is a registered Zirc internet relay chat (IRC) channel for fans who wish to chat together about the Moody Blues, hosted by members of the Lost Chords list. The channel name #moodyblues (the # must be used) can be reached from any Zirc server on IRC. More information can be found at: www.angelfire.com/ma/dalnetmoodyblues/

Paul Falce ("Sachem"), the founder of the channel, Carol Rowe ("Mscarol"), Hal Nason ("hal") and Brigette Nason ("brightbel") are SOP's (Super Operators) and control the channel. The channel is most active after 8 p.m. ET, and it is open to all, whether an operator is there or not, so feel free to meet someone there and chat for awhile. The Channel is registered, which means it's controlled by registered Channel Operators, who can assist in keeping the conversations clean and distraction-free. IRC requires a chat program to use, one of which is called mIRC. mIRC can be downloaded from: www.mirc.co.uk/ It is free to download, and only asks 10 dollars to register for life and free upgrades.

Zirc is one of several IRC server providers, with many interconnected server sites that can be accessed from all over the world. The easiest way to log on to a Zirc server is to use /SERVER IRC.ZIRC.ORG, which will get you a random server on ZIRC. You must be connected to an internet service provider (ISP) to use IRC. There are other IRC programs for PCs and a few for the Mac besides mIRC, but it is the one recommended.

Information and assistance on how to connect to any IRC server is available from Paul Falce (PNFJRatcomcast.net) or Carol Rowe (mscarol9atcomcast.net) - remember to substitute @ for "at" in the e-mail address.

The Moody Blues IRC Listening Parties take place on Friday evenings/Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons at the following times:

USA: 11 PM ET - 10 PM CT - 9 PM MT - 8 PM PT
Europe: Winter: 4 AM GMT Saturday (04:00 UTC) Summer: 3 AM GMT Saturday (03:00 UTC)

The schedule for the Friday listening party is at the web site: www.angelfire.com/ma/dalnetmoodyblues/

USA: 3 PM ET - 2 PM CT - 1 PM MT - 12 PM PT
Europe: Winter: 8:00 PM GMT (20:00 UTC) Summer: 7:00 PM GMT (19:00 UTC)

The tentative schedule of Sunday listening parties hosted by Neil Ottenstein on Zirc is available at the web site: www.toad.net/~otten/mblp.htm

In a Listening Party, the participants first connect to the site. It is generally a good idea to try to connect at least 5 minutes prior to starting time. When it is time to begin, the moderator gives everyone a signal and the party-goers start their CD/tape/record players at this signal. They then listen to, discuss and enjoy the music, and have a lot of fun! The parties last about 15 or 20 minutes longer than the album, usually lasting no longer than 1.5 hours.

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