4.2 Who are the boys in the photos in Sur La Mer?

On the LP, cassette and some versions of the CD, there are six close-up photos of the band members when they were children. Bob Hardy has identified the pictures as:

Justin is, of course, the blond boy with the familiar smile lines and a darkish turtleneck sweater, against an outdoor background;

John is the boy with the toothy grin wearing a jacket with wide lapels, white shirt and a tie, against a white background;

Graeme is the boy with one of his lapels inside his darkish sweater, and one outside, against a white background. It's a little easier to see if you draw a mustache on him! Notice the shape of his chin;

Patrick is the dark-haired boy with big white lapels, no tie and a sort of scarf tied around his head, against an outdoor background;

Ray is the light-haired boy in a white shirt with button-down collar, tie and sweater-vest, (sleeveless pullover for the British among us) against a darkish leafy background;

Tony Visconti is the boy with shining hair, wearing a cap and a light sweater, against a brick wall. He is the producer of the album.

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