2.3 Other Mailing Lists / News Groups / Bulletin Boards / Chat Sites

There are many other mailing lists, news groups, bulletin boards and chat sites available to discuss the Moody Blues. For the most up-to-date listing, consult the Moody Blues Resources website at




An attempt to explain the differences between the different forums follows.

Mailing lists use e-mail software to send messages to all other members of the mailing list. Messages from other members of the list will be delivered to your e-mail account. Some lists have a digest form available which bundles a day's messages into one e-mail to reduce the load on the world's mail servers.

A bulletin board is accessible through the internet using a web browser. Using the browser, one can post a message to the board and read the other posts on the board.

A hybrid between mailing lists and bulletin boards are the internet news groups. Michael Holl started the "alt.music.moody-blues" group in early 1994, and messages to the group can be posted using either e-mail or a web browser, and read with the web browser.

As chat software has become more available, chat sites have proliferated. Each usually has a web page which describes the time the chats take place and a link to download the particular software used by each chat.

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