5.17 Is that a recording flaw at the end of "Veteran Cosmic Rocker" on the Long Distance Voyager album?

In Higher & Higher magazine, Issue #31, Pip Williams (producer for Long Distance Voyager) said (reprinted with permission):

"The main body of the song suggested the mystical 'hippy' approach, deliberately alluding to the '60s influences, and the use of a backward sitar drone seemed appropriate to me. [...] I said to Jus, "I have no idea what the headphone balance will be like...try this!" He replied, "Never mind, just roll the tape and we'll see what happens anyway." The machine went into record on the last part of his sentence, and his voice was recorded onto the sitar track. When played backward (in fact, the correct way now), "Y'know, it doesn't add up" is what it sounds like. We thought that this was rather neat and likely to cause just the kind of debate it has, so it stayed. It is no deeper than that!"

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