9.5 What is the significance of the ring that Justin wears?

In an interview with Jackie (a British pop magazine) published in the August 15, 1970 issue, Justin was asked "What's your most treasured possession?" He replied, "I suppose this ring I'm wearing. It was given to me about ten years ago, but it's much older than that. It's French, and the main part of the ring - it's a signet ring - goes back to about the time of Louis XIV, though the shank is a lot newer."

Reports in Higher & Higher magazine (reprinted here with permission) have Justin telling fans, who have asked, that the ring has no real financial value and he wears it for sentimental reasons. The ring is oval and made of silver. Photos and depictions of the ring appear in Higher & Higher issue #4 Spring/Summer 1987, p.19; and at members.aol.com/robfedstl/the-ring.html

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