4.7 What are the differences between cassette, CD and LP versions of albums?

Bonus tracks on the CD not found on the original LP or cassette:

Keys of the Kingdom - "Once Is Enough"

Kick Off Your Muddy Boots - "We Like To Do It"

Blue Jays - "Blue Guitar"

Songwriter (original CD release) - "Marie" and "Learning the Game".

Songwriter (2004 CD re-release) - "Marie", "Learning the Game", "Wrong Time, Right Place" and "Heart of Steel".

Natural Avenue (original CD release) - "Street Cafe"

Natural Avenue (1996 CD re-release and 2000 LP re-release) - "Street

The Promise (1996 re-release) - "One Step Into the Light" (a different version than on Octave) and "Island to Island"

Paradise Ballroom - "Be My Eyes"

Night Flight (2004 CD re-release) - "Bedtime Stories" and a live version of "Forever Autumn"

Moving Mountains (both original and 1996 releases)- "The Lights Are Low" (was included on the original cassette)


When the CDs first came out, all of them except On the Threshold of a Dream had all the lyrics and pictures that were on the LPs. Later issues had the lyrics removed. The Mobile Fidelity (gold) CDs have all the lyrics that were originally issued with the LPs. The reel-to-reel tapes never came with lyric sheets.

Some of the cassette versions of the albums swapped the A- and B-sides. These were the ones that were reissued during the early '80s. On these versions, you'll find, for instance, that "Departure" is the first song on the B side of In Search of the Lost Chord, rather than the first song you hear on the A side of the tape or on CD.

On the cassette version of Hopes Wishes and Dreams, "Didn't I" and "Friends" are switched from their positions on the CD and LP (probably to make the sides a little more even time-wise). That is, on CD and LP "Friends" is the second song on side one but on the cassette, "Didn't I" takes that position.

When Keys of the Kingdom was released in 1991, the liner notes showed 11 tracks, even though the CD played 12. "Say What You Mean" (Parts 1 & 2) was counted as separate tracks. Later pressings of KotK have the liner notes and CD showing 11 tracks each, with "Say What You Mean" (Parts 1 & 2) being counted as one.

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