February 19 - March 7, 1980


March 10, 1980 - mid April 1981

Recording for Long Distance Voyager in Threshold One studio in Broadhurst Gardens

Moody Blues

Reported in "Higher and Higher" #31, Summer 1996, p.13-33.

July 1980

Album Night Flight is released worldwide

Single Night Flight / Suitcase is released worldwide

Justin Hayward

Justin Hayward

Album and single releases noted in first "discography issue" of "Higher and Higher" #4, Winter/Spring 1985, p.4-12

September 1980

Single A Face in the Crowd / same is released in US

Justin Hayward

October 1980

Single Street Cafe / Threw It All Away is released in Europe and Australia

John Lodge

November 1980

Single Nearer to You / It's Not On is released in UK and West Germany

Justin Hayward

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