Moody Blues Listening Parties

This page contains the older information about the listening parties including terminal emulation. If we ever go back to a dchat listening party this may be relevant again.

If you want to learn about the Moody Blues on the Web check out Bob Snyder's Index of Moody Blues Resources

Information about the Listening Parties themselves is available in the Moody Blues FAQ. Here is a link to the relevant section

These days we are usually on Dalnet instead of using the dchat program. If someone comes up with a stable site that can use the dchat program, we might move there.

Terminal Emulation with Telnet is needed to access the dchat program. If you are giving a telnet command and do not see a welcome message before the login prompt, then you will have probably forgotten to give the port number.

There are many Telnet and terminal emulation packages available. For Windows95 users who want to get started without downloading anything, you can use the telnet program that comes with Windows95. It should be in the windows directory under the name telnet. Popular other telnet programs are NetTerm and EWAN. NetTerm is shareware, but EWAN is freeware. To find other programs you might want to check out a winsock resource such as Tucows or Stroud's and look there for a program that fits your fancy.

I have used both the basic Windows95 telnet and EWAN so I can also give some settings to use with those programs:

Settings for the basic telnet program that comes with windows. Make sure to turn on the local echo or else you may not see what you are typing. To start from scratch, click connect. Then put the site without the port number in host name. Put the port number 2525 in the port selection. You should be able to connect then.

For EWAN in setting up a connection, put the site without the port number in the space for network address or host name. In the space for service (port) choose custom and put in 2525. In the VT100 setup you should activate the map BS to Del option.

With any luck this should help get you started. You might want to change the font size or the window size to make things look appropriate.

If the telnet program of choice is chosen to be activated by your browser you can also click on the link to that program and that should also set things up the connection properly in the application of your choice, but you still might need to change some settings such as the local echo.
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The current listening party schedule (subject to change) [links to current page]

For Dalnet parties you should use the dalnet server in order to avoid net splits. Dalnet parties are on the channel #moodyblues. Backup server is

Dalnet info in the Moody Blues FAQ: Here is a link to the relevant section It may be out of date with respect to the channel, #moodyblues, though.



We are now doing the alphabetical schedule. Below is a listing of the schedule we'll follow, though there may be deviations for special listenings and some holiday impromptu parties. Any thoughts on the schedule e-mail Neil at

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Alphabetical listing of Moody Blues related albums

Mike PinderAmong the Stars
Moody BluesBlue Jays
Moody BluesCaught Live + 5
Justin HaywardClassic Blue
Moody BluesDays of Future Passed
Moody BluesEvery Good Boy Deserves Favour
Mandala BandEye of Wendor
Justin HaywardFRO
Ray ThomasFrom Mighty Oaks
Ray ThomasHopes, Wishes & Dreams
Moody BluesIn Search of the Lost Chord
Moody BluesKeys of the Kingdom
Graeme Edge Band Kick off Your Muddy Boots
Moody BluesLegend of a Band
Moody BluesLong Distance Voyager
Justin HaywardMoving Mountains
John LodgeNatural Avenue
Moody BluesNight at Red Rocks
Justin HaywardNight Flight
Moody BluesOctave
Moody BluesOn the Threshold of a Dream
Moody BluesOther Side of Life
Graeme Edge Band Paradise Ballroom
Mike PinderPeople with One Heart
Mike PinderPlanet with One Mind
Moody BluesPrelude
Moody BluesPresent
Mike PinderPromise
Moody BluesQuestion of Balance
Moody BluesSeventh Sojourn
Justin HaywardSongwriter
Moody BluesSur la mer
Moody BluesThis is the Moody Blues
Moody BluesTo Our Children's Children's Children
Justin HaywardThe View from the Hill
Jeff WayneWar of the Worlds

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