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Note: issue numbers used in lieu of volume numbers e.g. #1 would read vol. 1 no. 1 on the cover. "Article titles" are in quotes. Album and book titles are in italics, 'song titles' in single quotes. Event dates are in month/day/year order. The following abbreviations are used: BJ = Blue Jays; CB = Collectin' the Blues; CF = Cyberfan; EFS = European Fan Scene; fn = footnote; GE = Graeme Edge; HYH = Have You Heard; I = Intros; JH = Justin Hayward; JL = John Lodge; LYL = Letters You've Written; MB = Moody Blues; MF = Music File; MN = Moody News; MP = Mike Pinder; MPU = Mike Pinder Update; NAS = Not Available in Stores; PM = Patrick Moraz; PW = Pro Watch; RA = Radioactivity; RK = Research Kid; RT = Ray Thomas; USF = US Fan Scene; W = Words.

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"Aaron Chugg" #18/19 p48

Abbey Road Studios

Abosch, David (artistic director)

'Across the Universe' - J Lennon

'Adam and I' - RT

"Adopt an acre for the MB" #18/19 p49

"The Adventures of the MB"

Aeling, David (orchestra production manager)

"An afternoon with Patrick and the Kurzweil 250" #5 p6


Airfix, Andie (photographer)

Airline broadcasts

'Al Fin Voy a Encontrate' - JH

"Album review: Music for Piano & Drums" #2 p4

Album reviews

Album sleeves. Look under Cover art.


Alison, Guy (keyboardist)

"All That Is Real Is You"

All the Lonely People (band)

All Things Bright (band)

Allman, Gregg (musician)

'Alpha Omega' - MP

Altham, Keith (publicist)

"Amanda meets the Moodies at the Hard Rock Cafe" #20 p9

"The American Connection" #48 p14

Ames, Alan (producer)

"Among the fans: MP back in public life via media & in-person appearances" #24 p10

Among the Stars - MP

Amoo, Chris (singer)


Analog recording

"And now, a few words about...the common hefty-nosed penguin" #3 p5

'And the Tide Rushes In' - JH/RT

'The Angels Cry' - JH

"The angel sings: a visit with Annie Haslam" #26/27 p61

'Another Morning' - RT

Anstey, David (artist)

Answer to the Mystery of Life (bootleg)

Arctic Song (musical)

'Are You Sitting Comfortably' - JH/RT

Arrangers & arranging

"The art of A Question of Balance" #33 p22

"The art of TOCCC" #26/27 p30-34

"The artist on the art" #33 p23

Artists & artwork

"The artist's loving hand: MB fan art" #7/8 p12-17; #11/12 p46-53

"As good as gold: the Moodies on Mobile Fidelity" #20 p22-24

'As Long As the Moon Can Shine' - L Carroll/M Batt

As Years Go By (book)


Ashman, Carol J

"Ask Mike Pinder", regular column #23-25,29,37. Also look under "Mike Pinder Update".

"Ask the Research Kid", regular column #2-3,6-8,16-17,24-25,29-32,34,37,39/40,43

An Audience with Justin Hayward at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (DVD)

"Audio Magazine LP Review: BJ" #2 p6

Audiophile album pressings


"Autograph with that CD, mate?" #48 back cover



"The back-handed backward masking mystery" #31 p28


"Backstage at Hard Rock Live" #39/40 p51

"Backstage at the Nissan Pavillion" #41 p21

"Backstage '86: the friendliest band in rock and roll." #7/8 p22-23

"Backstage passes" #15 p12-14

Backstage passes

"Backstage with the MB" #15 p13-14

Backup musicians

Backward masking

Baird, Larry

Baker, Evyonne

Baker, Ginger (drummer)

'The Balance' - GE/RT

Balls (band)

Balsley, Carolyn

"Band members current,ex, re-release solo albums" #31 p8

"Bandit Lites: illuminating the way for the in-concert MB" #30 p30-31

Bangert, Linda (fan)

Banks, Bessie (singer)

Banks, Elizabeth

Barclay James Harvest (band). Look under BJH

Barlow, Bernie

Barnhart, Ken

Bart, Lionel (lyricist)

Batt, Mike (arranger)

Bauer, Kristin


BBC Classic Tracks

'Be My Eyes' - GE/A Gurvitz

Beach Boys

Beach Boys concert 7/4/84 Wash. DC

Beacon Theater, NYC

Beardsley, John (photographer)

The Beat Survivors


Beaudoin, John (DJ)

'Beautiful Dream' - JH

'Bedtime Stories' - C Still

Bee Gees (group)

Behind the Music: Pop & Rock's Greatest Songwriters Talk About Their Work & Inspiration (book)

"Behind the scenes of the MB orchestral tour: an orchestra prepares" #20 p27-28

Bellamy, Gina (singer)

Benefit concerts. Look under Charities.

Berkeley, Taran

Berny, Lukas (fan)

Berry, Chuck (musician)

"Berth of the blues: a life in the home of JH" #21/22 p50-55

'The Best Is Yet To Come' - C Webb

The Best of the MB (songbook)

'The Best Things in Life' - MP

'The Best Way to Travel' - MP

'The Best Yet'. Look under 'The Spirit'.

Betjeman, Sir John (poet)

'Beyond' - MP

Beyond Life With Timothy Leary

"Beyond the Threshold of a Mighty Chart Run" #46/47 p42-43

"Bias, Janis & Wendy: the new kids on the block" #6 p8

Billboard (magazine)

'Billy' - JH

Bisch, Bill

BJH (band)

"BJH: the poor man's MB?" #14 p14-15

'Blackbird' - P McCartney

'Bless the Wings' - JH

Blessing in Disguise - A Haslam

Bliss, Paul

The Bliss Band

Bloom, Mike (artist)

"Blossom Fest: annual fan get togethers continue to flower" #18/19 p44-45

Blue (compilation)

'Blue Guitar' - JH

Blue Guitar (book)

"Blue Guitar-Die Geschichte der MB" #32 p7

"The 'Blue Guitar' Mystery" #2 p7

"The 'Blue Guitar' puzzle" #2 p10

BJ (album)

The Blue Jays (jazz band)

"The BJ - a brief history" #2 p7

"The BJ at Edinburgh Usher Hall" #2 p6

"A BJ discography" #2 p7

"The BJ Interview" #2 p5

"The 'BJ' smallest gig" #17 p24

Blue Line (H&H)

'Blue Moon' -

"Blue-pers" #2 p10; #3 p11; #4 p15

'Blue World' - JH

Blue Rhythym Band

'Blue World' - JH

"Blues on film" regular column #24-27,30,31,34-

'Blues Stay Away from Me' - JL

Bogner, Sam

Bolton, Mary

Bonnet, Graham (singer)

"Book review: The Greatest Moods of the Moody Blues" #1 p4

Book reviews

Booker, Gary (songwriter)

Booking agencies


Boshell, Bias

'Boulevard de la Madelaine' - MP

Bouwer, Hans

Boxed set. Look under Time Traveler.

Bradley, Les (Streetly Electronics)

Bradmatic Ltd.

Bradshaw, Bob (pbaub)